Join the Dividend Revolution

Decentralized Earnings Platform:

Volume Based Dividends

Our platform takes away the hard part of crypto dividends

The Blue Chip Fund pays BLUE token holders 20% dividends through buying/selling volume. Holders receive their ETH divs proportionally and instantly, relative to the total BLUE circulating supply.

Open-Source, Transparent
Verified, Tested Contract
Decentralized Tokens
Accessible Anywhere
Web 3.0 Compatible
No Developer Fees

1. Hold ETH

Send to a Web 3.0 wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

2. Purchase BLUE

You will receive BLUE for ETH and pay the 20% div fee to all token holders.

3. Earn Dividends

Any new buy or sell will trigger you to receive dividend in your earnings.

4. Reinvest Dividends

Reinvest ETH dividends for more BLUE tokens and increase your overall percentage of the supply.

5. Withdraw Dividends

Withdraw ETH directly to your wallet, the Smart Contract does the hard part.

6. Earn Consistent ETH

All dividends are paid in Ethereum only. Simple and transparent.
BLUE Token : ERC-20 Standard

BLUE are minted to generate you dividends

Through a combination of computer science and mathematics, The Blue Chip Fund smart contract efficiently distributes dividend payments on the Ethereum blockchain.

Higher Dividend Rates

20% is the new standard, doubling the rate of previous hourglass contracts

Masternode Referral System

Referral links earn you 6% of the total new purchase (30% of the 20% generated dividends)

Consistent ETH pricing structure

Hardcoded into the contract, each buy/sell will increase/decrease the BLUE price by .00000001 ETH